Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Here's to a Little Rebirth

from a photo by Steve Schwartz

The Prayers of the Body

dance like a tiny man
around and around
an elliptical halo above her head.

Two times a daughter came to her,
a little ark, over waters.
Two times a solid wiggly baby
to nurse and send full sail
into personhood.

But now her last red words
already sputtered out
in chunks of fleshbouncing down
porcelain cliffs,

fibrous, decaying, saying
no more deliverance.

She’s made herself an amulet,
hung it between her breasts,
to ward off the aches
and pains, to help her
wield the crone’s ax.

So what if she grows
hollow after a while,
fills up with ghost towns,
milkweed pods, and wasp nests.

For now, prayers fly
from her fingertips
like seeds on the wind.

The universe is contained
in a finite number of heartbeats,
and knowing this is what spins
her, dervish beautiful, as she sings.
Welcome to the museum of cells.
More than sixty years of artifacts on display.

She pictures God nodding
in her direction,
hopes He’s about
to write a new prescription.


Bonnie said...

this is beautiful! : )

Cindy Day Bepko said...

Lovely. Our thoughts are with you. Call us, Ray in particular, any time for support.
xo Cindy