Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Poem: Published in Kalliope in 1986

photo by Rick Ruggles
 (color adjusted)


Let's Invite Autumn

into bed with us,
our legs rustling the sheets,
like wind sighs through fallen leaves,

a hint of dryness in the murmuring
that passes between us,
our mouths cool,
insistent as morning,
on the edge of desperation.

Let's start school tonight,
open each other like brand new books,
tangle ourselves in curiosity,
take a recess from innocence.

I'll show you my September apples.
We can press cider together,
drink to the gathering darkness.

Dance with me -- a last fandango
as we go ablaze, as we come
down to sweet sleep,
bright sails along the golden,
rim of sunset, the giddy
contours of what’s
about to pass away.

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