Friday, December 21, 2012

Tuesday Poem: previously published by Icarus Rising in 2001

painting by Sally Noble

Crow Woman

sits up black as humid earth,
rises out of a wallow of water
and humus, black and stake-burnt
for harboring knowledge,
for power enough say no,

witch woman, cinder saint,
shakes a tail feather loose
and delivers a baby,
footprints filling with ooze
in her wake, as she struts her
reek of passion, muck of sexuality,
stubborn blood that will not come out,

crow woman, shaven headed
intimate of trees and tinctures,
tarred and feathered adultress,
sticky baby you can’t let go of,
nodding earthward, flying, flying,
landing you in the brambles,

earth angel, flying the highways
commuting, commuting
the sentence, the sentence of night,
and you, and you with your sharp
crow eating night kill eyes,
dare you to follow,
dare you to try
to get rid of her.

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