Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday Poem: previously appeared in The Syracuse Record in 2003

Ode to the Moon Snail

Unlikely predator!
In that gleaming whorled shell,
its spiraled white 
setting tide pools alight,
agleam. O dance.
O trance of hungry 
chalky nebula!

O languorous taster,
with full and flexible 
tongue extended 
in a sensual 
narrowing gyre.
O unsuspecting quahog
stuck in sea bed mire!

What salty tide is this 
that turns seduction fierce 
enough to mount and pierce 
such horny shell ?

How does such glistening 
undulant meat
harden into drill bit ?

Purity of clammy 
darkness, suddenly 
inhabited by two.
What's a clam to do?

Ravished by the moon itself.
O secret wooings!
Delicious liquefaction!


Michelle Elvy said...

Nice! And I love the photo too.

Helen McKinlay said...

A beautiful photo and a most imaginative poem. Next time I see a snailin the moonlight I shall think of it!