Monday, January 26, 2015

Tuesday Poem: After a Long Hiatus, Luna Returns

Luna’s Trues

Hide your potables, put ups,
self-growns, and happy tools
whenever they’re not in hand.

Whatever home you make must be
up high on a hill, or stilt built, or tree
supported to withstand the waters’ comings.

Always carry a knife and a bag for forage
you stumble upon. Pass it by, it will surely
end up in the bag of who’s behind you.

Barter as much as you can,
for trade is a two handed benefit.

Be wary of poison places. Even a tread-by
can leave you weakened and sickly.

Take to a cave or a dug out place, if there’s to be
spiral winds and or close in lightning.

Never eat what grows near the engulfments.

Learn everything you can from the animal folk.
The ones, that are left, be little survivors.

A body only needs one bit of food a day.
Eat what can’t be salted or dried up first.

Waste nil. Eat what’s there even if
it makes your belly hurt

Most things got a repurpose. Our job to find it.
Trade what you can’t use. Discard nought.

Salvage what you can from every wreck.
It’s a gift from the hand of the dead.

Grow what you can, when you can, where you can.
Greenhouse an old car, or chicken coop it.

Dirt-full planters make good insulation.
Grasses love a roof, and so do edible mosses.

Rainwater is a gift and it must be treasured.
Fouling the water is poisoning yourself.

Bug bread tastes best with salty 
seaweed soup or juicy mushrooms.

Feed a stranger just enough to give them 
the strength to move on.
Do not allow strangers into your nest.

In the conurbations, 
you’re no more than a field mouse.
Beware. Traps been set for you everywhere.

Most of what’s people-made will 
degrade the air if you burn it.

What weather delivers comes straight 
from the heart of the earth.



Michelle Elvy said...

I find this delightful, and am glad that Luna has returned... wherever she went. I particularly love the pragmatics of the crisp lines and images. And the close is perfect:

What weather delivers comes straight
from the heart of the earth.

Very nice way to get back in touch with the world at our fingertips. Thanks for sharing this poem!

Helen McKinlay said...

This is a most intriguing poem. And the image is wonderful.Thank you for making us think.

Patent Attorney said...

Beautiful poem, a triumphant comeback!