Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Witch Series

Witch’s Prayer

To wear a hat made of rain
to float like a little skiff
into the enveloping mist.

To be naked and fogbound,
to be cloud caressed
and chilled to the marrow.

To be invisible, wild
as a neutrino bouncing
across the emptiness,
blissfully small, to be
a blip, a phoneme,
O no, no O, O no name .

To see nothing, to take
nothing in for a change,
to move through
the blessing of blankness
all your cells drunk
on the smell of earth,
water, and air.

To feel yourself dissolving
into something vast
and sentient. Smoke
from a slow burning fire.
To let go of the world, this life,
for a few free moments,
face the clean white page,
and begin the story anew

So mote it, for me
so mote it be.


Garry Clix said...

Very nice and deep thoughts, special for nature loving people.

Kitty Michelle Laurier said...

enjoyed :)