Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday Poem: an earlier version published by Poetpourri in 1994

One Summer I Read 

A Biography of Emily Bronte

And suddenly I noticed
the ornamental cabbages
penned up too close
to the houses, their ferocious
color, their variegated heads
crenellating gorgeously
despite their captivity.
The fences around them are
just a little too high,
so that they have to
stretch on precarious stems
to be seen, or to see out.

Their leaves show such largesse,
reaching out to one another,
trying to hold hands across the mulchy
darkness, as if it threatened to
swallow them whole.

And they take the frost,
like troopers, holding firm to
that ethereal companionship
as long as they can, 
despite the worms
living inside them,
the slow hollowing
that leaves them feeling
like shells caught in their longing
for the ocean, a whisper
that echoes a roar.

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